Monday, December 13, 2010

The Alva Car Club.

The Alva Car Club, a collection of men who work together on sport vehicles and bikes for fun and for money, are located near the panhandle.
This close-up wide angle shot was taken of a 1972 Mustang and accentuates the elongated body shape of that model. These 72's were of the last of the muscle car era prior to the oil crisis of the early 70's which changed the automotive enthusiast lifestyles drastically.
This profile shot of a 69 Mach 1 was taken at the magic hour before sunset on a farm owned by one of the club members. One of the most coveted models, 69 was a prime year for the big three in Detroit.
Here we see some of the tools of the trade. The leading lines of a set of metric wrenches and a perspective shot through a recently machined set of connecting rods.

Two of the members went out to enjoy a few drinks after completing work on a small-block chevy motor.
The club members don't work only on muscle cars and bikes. Above is pictured a turn of the century Ford tractor.
Each of the mechanics in the Alva Car Club have automotive related tattoos that are unique to their projects. Here are three examples.
Here a mechanic is working on a 2008 Harley which he recently bought in a three vehicle trade. It is quite common for group members to swap ownership with in the club.

As previously mentioned here is a shot of the small block chevy motor (a350) which was destined to be planted in a 68 camaro after being rebuilt.
An early sunrise shot of two mustangs is backlit by the rising sun.
This shot shows one of the members hard at work on a Honda Shadow. By working on this bike which belongs to a neighbor, the mechanic will be able to make a little extra cash which he can then put into projects of his own.

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  1. Some good shots of the car. Not sure that black and white helped the project though. It's really lost on the sunrise shot, which I would bet had some really great color.